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The Vittoria Pani Foundation has been set up by family and friends to increase awareness of a terrible and hugely underfunded cancer...

We’d never even heard of a “Pancreatic Tumor” or ”Pancreatic Mass” or “Pancreatic Cancer”, so when we were given the news that our dear Mum was diagnosed with this, our world was turned upside down. Here was the “C word” that everyone dreads, but as we were to find out very quickly, there was so much more about this type of cancer that makes it deadly and more fatal than many other cancers.

The Vittoria Pani Foundation wants to raise awareness of this terrible disease and any money we make will be sent to the leading researchers in the UK. Only by identifying early stage pancreatic cancer, or by understanding what causes the cancer to start, can we hope to start easing the misery.

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